Our Activities

As part of CCV’s endeavour to promote the cause of handloom and that of the weavers, we started two initiatives:

 1 – Chenetha Santha-  Handloom Weaver’s Markets –  Chenetha Santha ( the name for Handloom Weaver’s market in Telugu language), is a bi-monthly event held once in two months, since January 2015. This is an effort to create a direct interface between consumers and handloom weavers, so that weavers can sell their produce directly without any intermediaries. The direct interaction with the consumers is also making weavers understand the consumer taste, changing trends etc, while the consumers are able to understand the issues faced by the weavers.

2- Charkha Workshop:  

CCVedika had organised a charkha workshop in January 2015 for  the people of Hyderabad, where the participants learnt the art of spinning using a box charkha. The aim was to bring awareness to people on the work that goes behind the making of khadi and handloom fabrics, so that people can appreciate the effort.

Participants found working with charkha very meditative, and were also able to appreciate the importance of working with hands and the skills of the weaving community. The participants were trained by CCV members, Sri Madhav Sahasrabuddhe and Sri Ramakanth Pathak.  We hope to conduct more such workshops in future.

3- Aslihandloom website:

CCV is gathering information on those who are presently involved in the job of handloom weaving, mostly individual handloom weavers, small master weavers, and handloom co-operative societies, and putting it up on this website, so that people across the globe can have access to such information and get in touch with the weavers directly. This should help the weavers / weavers organisations to benefit from direct sales.