Asli Handloom is an endeavour to list all the weavers and weaving societies and cooperatives that are creating original handloom products. Though there is enough demand for handloom products, more often than not powerloom imitations are being passed off as handloom products. And many a time even mill made fabrics are being passed off as Khadi and Handloom. So this site aims to bring he consumers in touch with those weavers and weaving cooperatives which are making “true handwoven” products. Therefore we called it “asli”handloom” which in Hindi means true/ genuine handloom.  Many times consumers ask as to where they could get genuine handloom products. By looking up our site, you could find your nearest or neighbourhood weaver, whom you could go to and the weaver also benefits by selling directly to you instead of going through a line of middlemen.